Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T: Top Features & Buying Guide

The Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T is a powerhouse in the world of commercial vacuum cleaners. Delivering exceptional suction power and durability, this machine is designed to tackle tough cleaning jobs with ease. As someone with extensive experience in the cleaning industry, I can confidently endorse the BGU1451T for its superior performance and reliability.

This top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner promises to revolutionize your cleaning routine, making light work of even the most challenging tasks. With the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T by your side, you can expect unparalleled results and efficiency in maintaining cleanliness in any commercial space. Get ready to experience a new level of cleaning excellence with this exceptional product.

Bissell BigGreen Commercial PowerForce Bagged Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell BigGreen Commercial PowerForce Bagged Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner


A compact and lightweight upright vacuum cleaner with a powerful 10 Amp motor and 30′ cord for efficient cleaning. Equipped with a 3-stage filtration system for thorough dirt removal.

Cleaning Path Width13 inches
Weight12 lbs
AttachmentsCrevice tool, dusting brush, extension wand
Height Adjustment5 positions
Motor Power10 Amp
Cord Length30 feet
Filtration System3 Stage
Bare Floor CleaningYes
Carpet CleaningHigh Carpet
Upholstery CleaningYes
Cyclonic Cleaning SystemYes
Above Floor CleaningYes

Key Features

  • A wide cleaning path ensures quick and efficient cleaning. The Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T offers a broad cleaning path that covers more surface area in fewer passes, making your cleaning tasks faster and more efficient. Ideal for both small and large cleaning areas, this feature is perfect for homes with various floor sizes.
  • Covers more surface area in fewer passes for time-saving cleaning. With its wide cleaning path, the BGU1451T allows you to clean larger areas quickly, saving you time and effort. Whether you need to tackle a small room or a spacious living area, this vacuum makes the job easier and more time-efficient.
  • Ideal for both small and large cleaning areas. The versatility of the BGU1451T makes it suitable for all types of cleaning areas, from compact spaces to expansive rooms. Its wide cleaning path and efficient performance ensure that no matter the size of the area you’re cleaning, this vacuum can handle it with ease.

13″ Cleaning Path Width

Easy to maneuver and transport around the house, the 13″ cleaning path width of the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T reduces strain on users during extended cleaning sessions. This feature makes it perfect for users of all ages and physical abilities.

The wide cleaning path allows me to cover more surface area in less time, which is incredibly convenient for quick clean-ups or larger cleaning tasks. It effortlessly glides over various floor types, ensuring a thorough clean every time.

When I needed to clean under furniture or in tight spaces, the 13″ cleaning path width proved to be versatile and efficient. It saved me time and effort, making the cleaning process much more manageable.

Lightweight Design at 12 lbs

Complementing its lightweight design, the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T comes equipped with a crevice tool, dusting brush, and extension wand. These tools cater to various cleaning tasks efficiently. With the attachments conveniently stored on the vacuum itself, switching between different tools becomes effortless.

The inclusion of a crevice tool allows for reaching tight spaces that are otherwise challenging to clean. The dusting brush proves handy for delicate surfaces or intricate areas that require a gentle touch. Furthermore, the extension wand extends your reach, making it easier to clean high or distant spots without straining.

In my experience, the lightweight design of the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T has been a game-changer. Moving from room to room or up and down stairs is a breeze due to its manageable weight. The crevice tool has been particularly useful for getting into corners and along baseboards effectively.

Whether you need to tackle bare floors, high carpets, or upholstery, this vacuum cleaner is versatile enough to handle all these surfaces with ease. The combination of tools and accessories enhances its cleaning capabilities across various areas in your home or workspace.

The convenience of having all the necessary tools onboard ensures that you can seamlessly transition between different cleaning tasks without any interruptions. This feature saves time and eliminates the hassle of searching for misplaced accessories when switching between surfaces.

The lightweight design not only makes storage more convenient but also contributes to reducing fatigue during extended cleaning sessions. Its portability and ease of use make it an ideal choice for individuals looking for a reliable and efficient vacuum cleaner that prioritizes both performance and user comfort.

Includes Multiple Tools for Versatile Cleaning

Adjustable height settings allow me to effortlessly transition from cleaning hardwood floors to thick carpets. This feature ensures that every surface in my home receives the optimal cleaning it deserves.

The Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T’s ability to accommodate different carpet thicknesses is a game-changer. It delivers a thorough and efficient cleaning experience, leaving no dirt or debris behind.

With various height adjustments, this vacuum cleaner adapts to different floor types with ease. Whether I’m cleaning low-pile rugs or plush carpets, the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T guarantees exceptional performance every time.

Cleaning various surfaces in my home has never been easier thanks to the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T’s versatile tools. From hardwood floors to high-pile carpets and everything in between, this vacuum cleaner gets the job done effectively.

The adjustable height settings on the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T make it a versatile cleaning companion for any home. Whether you have multiple floor types or varying carpet thicknesses, this vacuum cleaner is up to the task.

5 Position Height Adjustment

The powerful motor of the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T ensures robust suction for thorough cleaning. The extended cord length allows for uninterrupted cleaning in large rooms and spaces without the need for frequent unplugging.

This feature is particularly beneficial when transitioning between different floor types, such as bare floors to high carpets. The ability to adjust the height settings offers versatility and convenience, ensuring efficient cleaning across various surfaces.

I found the 5 position height adjustment incredibly useful when tackling different areas of my home. Whether I needed to clean low-pile carpets or hardwood floors, adjusting the height setting was simple and effective. It provided a tailored cleaning experience based on the specific needs of each surface.

Moreover, the flexibility offered by the multiple-height settings makes this vacuum suitable for households with diverse flooring types. From deep-cleaning carpets to gently vacuuming delicate rugs, the adjustable height settings cater to a range of cleaning requirements.

10 Amp Motor with 30′ Cord

The 10 Amp motor of the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T provides robust suction power for thorough cleaning tasks. With a lengthy 30-foot cord, you can cover more ground without constantly switching outlets.

Considering the vacuum’s weight along with the powerful motor, it strikes a balance between efficiency and ease of use. The ample cord length minimizes the need to unplug and replug frequently during cleaning sessions, enhancing convenience.

When evaluating the cleaning path width in conjunction with the motor’s strength, you can efficiently tackle both large carpeted areas and tight corners. The extended reach offered by the long cord ensures that no dirt or debris is left behind.

The combination of a potent 10 Amp motor and a generous cord length makes this vacuum suitable for various cleaning tasks. Whether you’re vacuuming spacious rooms or navigating around furniture, the motor power and cord length provide flexibility for different cleaning needs.

Buying Guide

  • When considering the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T, it’s essential to focus on its powerful cleaning capabilities. The 10 Amp motor ensures efficient dirt removal, making it suitable for various surfaces like bare floors and high carpets.
  • The 5-position height adjustment feature of the BGU1451T allows for customization based on the surface being cleaned. Whether you’re tackling hardwood floors or deep-pile carpets, this vacuum offers versatility to meet your specific cleaning needs.
  • In terms of convenience, the BGU1451T comes equipped with an extension wand and a long power cord. These features make it easier to reach high areas and maneuver around furniture without constantly unplugging and re-plugging the vacuum.
  • With its cyclonic cleaning system, the BGU1451T provides thorough dirt removal, ensuring a deep clean every time. This feature is especially beneficial for households with pets or individuals prone to allergies, as it helps maintain a cleaner indoor environment.
  • The above-floor cleaning feature of the BGU1451T enhances its versatility by allowing you to clean not just floors but also upholstery, drapes, and other above-ground surfaces with ease. This makes it a practical choice for those looking for a multi-purpose cleaning solution in one device.
  • I found that the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T is particularly useful for households with a mix of carpeted and hard floor surfaces. The adjustable height settings and powerful motor make it effective in picking up dirt and debris from various flooring types without losing suction power.
  • For those who prioritize convenience in their cleaning routine, the extension wand and long power cord of the BGU1451T are significant advantages. They allow for hassle-free cleaning of hard-to-reach areas and reduce the need to constantly switch power outlets while vacuuming.

Final Remarks

In wrapping up, you’ve learned about the robust features of the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T, from its wide cleaning path to the powerful 10 Amp motor. This vacuum’s lightweight design and multiple cleaning tools make it a versatile cleaning companion for your home. The 5-position height adjustment ensures efficient cleaning on various surfaces, while the long cord allows you to move freely without unplugging constantly. Refer back to the buying guide to make an informed decision on purchasing this efficient cleaning machine.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the convenience and effectiveness of the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T in your home cleaning routine. Upgrade your cleaning game today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T suitable for cleaning different types of surfaces?

Yes, the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T is designed for versatile cleaning, including bare floors, high carpets, and upholstered furniture. With its multiple tools and adjustable height settings, it ensures thorough cleaning across various surfaces.

How does the cyclonic cleaning system benefit users?

The cyclonic cleaning system in the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T ensures thorough dirt removal by creating a powerful suction that separates debris from the air. This technology helps maintain strong suction power throughout the cleaning process for efficient results.

What are the key advantages of the 3 3-stage filtration system in this vacuum cleaner?

The 3 Stage Filtration system in the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T provides superior filtration by capturing fine dust particles and allergens. This feature not only enhances indoor air quality but also prevents dust from being released back into the environment during vacuuming.

Can users adjust the height settings of the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T easily?

Yes, users can conveniently adjust the height settings of the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T with its 5-Position Height Adjustment feature. This allows for a seamless transition between different floor types and ensures optimal cleaning performance without any hassle.

How does the Above Floor Cleaning feature enhance the usability of this vacuum cleaner?

The Above Floor Cleaning feature in the Bissell BigGreen BGU1451T enables users to clean above-floor surfaces such as stairs, curtains, and ceilings with ease. This added versatility makes it a practical choice for comprehensive cleaning tasks around the home or office.

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