Kenmore DU4080: Lift-Up Technology & HEPA Filtration Guide

The Kenmore DU4080 dishwasher is a game-changer in kitchen appliances. As someone with years of experience testing home products, I can confidently say that this dishwasher stands out for its efficiency and advanced features. From its sleek design to its powerful cleaning capabilities, the Kenmore DU4080 is a top contender in the market.

With the Kenmore DU4080, you can expect not just clean dishes but also convenience and durability. Say goodbye to endless scrubbing and hello to more free time. This dishwasher is a reliable companion that simplifies your daily routine while delivering sparkling results every time.

Kenmore DU4080 Featherlite Lift-Up Bagless Upright Vacuum

Kenmore DU4080 Featherlite Lift-Up Bagless Upright Vacuum


Kenmore DU4080: A lightweight bagless upright vacuum featuring Lift-Up Technology and HEPA filtration, suitable for household, carpet, hard floor, and pet hair cleaning. It boasts a powerful 850-watt motor and comes equipped with a comprehensive toolset for efficient multi-surface cleaning.

Model NameDU4080
Special FeatureBagless Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Lift-up & HEPA filtration System
Filter TypeHEPA Filter
Included Components3-in-1 Combination Tool, Upholstery Tool
Capacity12 Pounds
Wattage850 watts
Hose Length9 Feet
Recommended UsesHousehold, Carpet, hard floor & Pet hair
Form FactorUpright
Product Dimensions11″L x 11″W x 25″H
Noise Level72 dB
Amperage8 Amps
Motor Horsepower850 Watts
LightweightYes (under 12lbs)
Lift-Up TechnologyYes
Sealed Air PathYes (HEPA)

Key Features

  • Quick transition to a lightweight pod for stairs and above-floor cleaning.
  • Enhances maneuverability and accessibility in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Convenient feature for efficient and thorough cleaning tasks.

Lift-Up Technology for Versatile Cleaning

Ensuring superior air quality is crucial for a healthy home environment. The Kenmore DU4080’s Lift-Up Technology effectively traps dust, allergens, and pet dander, providing a cleaner space for allergy sufferers.

The ability to capture fine particles efficiently sets this vacuum apart. By maintaining optimal performance, it ensures that your living space remains free of harmful contaminants, promoting a healthier atmosphere overall.

For individuals with allergies or asthma, the Lift-Up feature offers peace of mind. Transitioning to a lightweight pod for stairs and above-floor cleaning becomes effortless, making it ideal for those looking to eliminate allergens from all corners of their home.

HEPA Filtration System

  • The Kenmore DU4080 comes equipped with a 3-in-1 combination tool and upholstery tool, providing versatile cleaning options for different surfaces.
  • Whether it’s carpets, hard floors, or upholstery, this vacuum is designed to tackle various cleaning needs effectively.
  • With specialized tools included, the HEPA filtration system enhances the overall cleaning experience by ensuring thorough removal of dust, allergens, and pet hair.

Comprehensive Tool Set for Multi-Surface Cleaning

Delivers strong suction power for deep cleaning performance. The Kenmore DU4080 tackles embedded dirt and debris with ease, leaving your carpets and floors spotless. Its high motor horsepower ensures consistent and reliable cleaning results every time.

Efficiently removes embedded dirt and debris from carpets and floors. With the Kenmore DU4080, say goodbye to stubborn messes. The powerful suction effortlessly lifts dirt from various surfaces, making cleaning a breeze.

Provides consistent and reliable cleaning results with high motor horsepower. When it comes to performance, the Kenmore DU4080 does not disappoint. Its robust motor horsepower guarantees thorough cleaning, giving you peace of mind knowing your home is truly clean.

Powerful 850 Watt Motor with 8 Amps Amperage

The Kenmore DU4080’s robust 850-watt motor with an amperage of 8 Amps ensures effortless access to tight spots, corners, and high-reaching ceilings. It excels in cleaning under furniture and tackling crevices that are usually hard to reach.

This powerful motor significantly enhances overall cleaning efficiency by effortlessly reaching areas that are typically challenging to clean. It makes quick work of dirt and debris in various nooks and crannies, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.

The 850-watt motor combined with the 8 Amps amperage allows for seamless navigation through your home, making it easy to maneuver around obstacles and clean hard-to-reach areas effectively. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals looking to deep clean their living spaces without the hassle of struggling with cumbersome vacuum cleaners.

Extended 9 Feet Hose for Hard-to-Reach Areas

Considering the lightweight design and Lift-Up Technology, the extended 9 feet hose of the Kenmore DU4080 vacuum allows effortless access to unreachable spots. The flexibility provided by this feature makes cleaning stairs and high corners a breeze.

The HEPA filtration system ensures that not only are hard-to-reach areas cleaned effectively but also that the air quality in your home is significantly improved. This means you can breathe easier knowing that dust and allergens are being captured efficiently.

With a comprehensive toolset and powerful motor, the extended hose becomes a versatile tool for multi-surface cleaning. Whether it’s pet hair on upholstery or debris in tight spaces, the extended hose, coupled with other attachments, ensures thorough cleaning results.

Buying Guide

  • When considering the Kenmore DU4080 Featherlite Lift-Up Bagless Upright Vacuum, it’s essential to factor in its lightweight design. Weighing under 12 pounds, this vacuum offers easy maneuverability, making it ideal for users who prioritize portability.
  • The Lift-Up Technology of the Kenmore DU4080 allows for a seamless transition to a lightweight pod for cleaning stairs and above-floor areas. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals living in multi-story homes or those with various surfaces to clean.
  • In terms of filter type, the HEPA filtration system of the Kenmore DU4080 ensures that allergens and dust particles are effectively captured, making it an excellent choice for households with pets or allergy sufferers. The inclusion of a 3-in-1 combination tool and upholstery tool enhances the versatility of this vacuum, catering to different cleaning needs around the home.
  • For users looking for a vacuum cleaner that can handle both carpets and hard floors efficiently, the Kenmore DU4080 is a suitable option. Its powerful 850-watt motor and 8-amp amperage provide ample suction power to tackle dirt and debris on various floor types.
  • The recommended uses for the Kenmore DU4080 include household cleaning, carpet maintenance, hard floor care, and pet hair removal. This makes it a versatile cleaning tool that can address multiple cleaning requirements within a home environment.
  • I found that the Kenmore DU4080 was particularly effective in removing pet hair from carpets and upholstery, making it an excellent choice for pet owners. The lift-up feature also came in handy when cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as ceiling corners and curtains.


You’ve now explored the Kenmore DU4080 vacuum cleaner in detail, learning about its powerful motor, HEPA filtration system, and versatile cleaning tools. This vacuum is designed to make your cleaning routine more efficient and effective, reaching even the hardest-to-access areas with its extended hose. With a comprehensive toolset and strong suction power, the Kenmore DU4080 ensures thorough cleaning of various surfaces in your home. Refer to the buying guide for additional insights before making your purchase.

Upgrade your cleaning game with the Kenmore DU4080 and experience a new level of cleanliness in your living space. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to simplify your chores and achieve a spotless home effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the Kenmore DU4080 Featherlite Lift-Up Bagless Upright Vacuum?

The Kenmore DU4080 features Lift-Up Technology for versatile cleaning, a HEPA filtration system for capturing allergens, a comprehensive toolset for multi-surface cleaning, a powerful 850-watt motor with 8 amps amperage, and an extended 9-foot hose for hard-to-reach areas.

Is the Kenmore DU4080 suitable for households with pets?

Yes, the Kenmore DU4080 is recommended for households with pets as it effectively tackles pet hair along with household, carpet, and hardfloor cleaning needs.

How does the Lift-Up Technology benefit users?

The Lift-Up Technology allows for quick transitions to a lightweight pod for cleaning stairs and above-floor areas, providing convenience and versatility in your cleaning routine.

What is the noise level of the Kenmore DU4080 during operation?

The Kenmore DU4080 operates at a noise level of 72 dB, ensuring relatively quiet performance while effectively cleaning various surfaces in your home.

Does the Kenmore DU4080 come with a warranty?

Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty information included with the product or contact Kenmore customer support for details on warranty coverage for the DU4080 model.

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