Bissell CrossWave 2554A: Ultimate Cordless Wet-Dry Vac

The Bissell CrossWave 2554A is a game-changer in the world of home cleaning. With its innovative design combining vacuuming and mopping functionalities, this all-in-one cleaning solution promises to revolutionize your cleaning routine. As someone with extensive experience testing various cleaning products, I was intrigued by the versatility and efficiency of the Bissell CrossWave 2554A from the moment I started using it.

This review aims to provide you with an in-depth analysis of the Bissell CrossWave 2554A, highlighting its performance, usability, and overall value for your home. Stay tuned to discover how this multifunctional cleaner can simplify your cleaning tasks and elevate the cleanliness of your living space.

Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max All-in-One Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max All in One Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop


Efficiently vacuums and mops simultaneously for time-saving cleaning. Cordless design with WiFi connectivity for enhanced convenience. Includes self-cleaning cycle and comprehensive accessories for thorough maintenance.

Special FeatureTwo tank technology, automatic self-cleaning cycle, WiFi connectivity, cordless, vacuum and mops simultaneously
Filter TypeWashable Filter
Included Components2 brush rolls, Multi-Surface Formula, Hard Floor Sanitize formula, Self-Cleaning Docking and Charging Station
Is CordlessYes
Capacity0.2 Gallons
Wattage36 watts
Runtime30 minutes
Charging Time240 minutes
Recommended UsesWet And Dry Usage
Form FactorWet/dry vacuums
ColorBlack/Pearl White With Electric Blue Accents
Model NameBISSELL CrossWave
Product Dimensions10″L x 10.25″W x 45.5″H
Noise Level80 dB
Amperage36 Amps
ManufacturerBISSELL H

Key Features

  • Separate tanks for clean and dirty water make cleaning a breeze. This feature ensures that your floors are always being cleaned with fresh water, enhancing the overall cleanliness of your home.
  • Preventing cross-contamination between clean and dirty water is crucial for maintaining a hygienic environment. With the Bissell Crosswave 2554A, you can rest assured that the dirty water will never mix with the clean water, providing efficient and effective cleaning every time.
  • Maintaining separate water compartments enhances the overall cleaning efficiency of the Bissell Crosswave 2554A. This design feature allows you to tackle different areas of your home without worrying about spreading dirt or grime from one space to another.

Two Tank Technology

The self-cleaning feature of the Bissell CrossWave 2554A simplifies maintenance after each use, making it hassle-free for users. This technology ensures that the machine is always ready for the next cleaning session without requiring any manual intervention.

By incorporating Two Tank Technology, Bissell has designed a system that not only eases the cleaning process but also contributes to prolonging the lifespan of the device. The separation of clean and dirty water tanks prevents cross-contamination, maintaining optimal cleaning performance with each use.

The convenience of having separate tanks means no more guesswork about whether you are cleaning your floors with dirty water. This feature guarantees that every pass with the CrossWave results in a thorough and hygienic clean, suitable for households with pets or children.

Personally, I appreciate how the Two Tank Technology streamlines my cleaning routine by eliminating the need to manually rinse out dirty water tanks. It’s a time-saving feature that ensures I can quickly move on to other tasks without worrying about maintaining the machine.

For homes with diverse flooring types or frequent spills, this technology proves invaluable as it efficiently tackles different messes without compromising on cleanliness. Whether you’re dealing with muddy paw prints on tiles or juice spills on hardwood, the Two Tank Technology adapts seamlessly to deliver consistent results.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Cycle

The Bissell CrossWave 2554A’s automatic self-cleaning cycle feature allows for remote control and monitoring, providing added convenience during cleaning sessions. This technological advancement enhances the user experience by simplifying maintenance tasks.

The cordless design of the Bissell CrossWave 2554A ensures unrestricted movement while cleaning, making it easier to maneuver around furniture and other obstacles. This freedom of movement adds to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning process.

With advanced technological features integrated into the automatic self-cleaning cycle, users can enjoy a seamless cleaning experience that requires minimal manual intervention. This feature streamlines the maintenance process, saving time and effort for busy individuals.

WiFi Connectivity and Cordless Design

Dual functionality saves time and effort by combining vacuuming and mopping.

Achieves thorough cleaning results on various surfaces in a single pass.

Increases efficiency by eliminating the need for separate vacuuming and mopping sessions.

Vacuum and Mop Simultaneously

The Bissell CrossWave 2554A offers multiple brush rolls that cater to various cleaning needs with ease. Whether you’re tackling hard floors or carpets, this feature ensures a thorough clean every time.

With specialized formulas designed for different floor types, the Bissell CrossWave 2554A guarantees optimal results. From hardwood to tile, this all-in-one cleaner has you covered, making it a versatile solution for your home.

The self-cleaning docking station included simplifies maintenance and storage of accessories. This convenient feature ensures that your CrossWave is always ready for action, saving you time and effort in the long run.

Included Accessories for Comprehensive Cleaning

Consider runtime and charging time for uninterrupted cleaning sessions. The Bissell CrossWave 2554A offers a runtime of 30 minutes, allowing you to clean large areas without frequent recharging. With a charging time of 240 minutes, you can quickly recharge the device for extended use.

Evaluate capacity and form factors based on cleaning needs and storage space. The 0.2-gallon capacity of this vacuum cleaner and mop combo is ideal for small to medium-sized spaces. Its compact form factor, measuring 10″L x 10.25″ W x 45.5″H, makes it easy to store in closets or utility rooms without taking up much space.

Compare noise level and amperage for a quieter and energy-efficient cleaning experience. The Bissell CrossWave 2554A operates at a noise level of 80 dB, ensuring relatively quiet operation compared to traditional vacuums. With an amperage of 36 Amps, this device provides efficient performance while conserving energy.

Buying Guide

  • When considering the Bissell CrossWave 2554A, it’s essential to think about your specific cleaning needs. Whether you have a combination of hard floors and area rugs or deal with frequent spills, this versatile cleaner can be a valuable addition to your home.
  • The Bissell CrossWave 2554A is an ideal choice for those looking to streamline their cleaning routine. With its ability to vacuum and mop simultaneously, you can save time and effort when tackling everyday messes.
  • For pet owners, the Bissell CrossWave 2554A offers a convenient solution for keeping your floors clean and free of pet hair. The multi-surface brush roll effectively lifts debris from both hard floors and area rugs, making it easier to maintain a pet-friendly home.
  • If you have a busy household with kids running around, the Bissell CrossWave 2554A can help you stay on top of spills and messes. Its efficient cleaning capabilities make it easy to quickly address accidents and keep your floors looking their best.

Closing Thoughts

You’ve now seen the impressive capabilities of the Bissell CrossWave 2554A. With its innovative features like Two Tank Technology, Automatic Self-Cleaning Cycle, and Vacuum and Mop Simultaneously function, this cleaning tool offers you a convenient and efficient way to maintain your floors. The included accessories further enhance its usability, making it a comprehensive solution for your cleaning needs.

If you’re looking to simplify your cleaning routine and achieve spotless floors effortlessly, the Bissell CrossWave 2554A is a top contender. Its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design make it a valuable addition to any home. So why not upgrade your cleaning game today with this versatile and effective tool?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max 2554A?

The Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max 2554A features two tank technology, automatic self-cleaning cycle, WiFi connectivity, cordless design, and the ability to vacuum and mop simultaneously.

Is the filter in the Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max washable?

Yes, the Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max comes with a washable filter for convenient maintenance and long-lasting use.

How long does the battery last on the Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max?

The Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max provides a runtime of up to 30 minutes on a full charge, ensuring sufficient cleaning time for various surfaces.

Does the Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max come with any included accessories?

Yes, it includes 2 brush rolls, a Multi-Surface Formula, a Hard Floor Sanitize formula, and a Self-Cleaning Docking and Charging Station for comprehensive cleaning.

What is the noise level of the Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max during operation?

The noise level of the Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max is around 80 dB, providing efficient cleaning without excessive noise disturbance.

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